Packages available for each platform.

Umbraco Packages

Package Umbraco 13 Umbraco 10 Umbraco 9 Umbraco 8 Umbraco 7

Umbraco Helpers

A collection of Umbraco Helpers & Models

Dragonfly. Umbraco13

Dragonfly. Umbraco9

Supports Umbraco 9-12

Dragonfly. Umbraco9

Supports Umbraco 9-12

Dragonfly. Umbraco8

Dragonfly. Umbraco7

Umbraco Theming

A theming system for Umbraco.


Dragonfly. Umbraco10. Theming


Dragonfly. Umbraco8Theming

Dragonfly. UmbracoTheming

Umbraco Forms Tools

A collection of custom Umbraco Forms FieldTypes and Helpers.


Dragonfly. Umbraco10. Forms


Dragonfly. Umbraco7Forms

Peekaboo Properties

'Peekaboo Checkbox List' and 'Peekaboo Dropdown List' property editors allow you to show/hide other individual or groups of properties based on the selection in the Peekaboo property.


Dragonfly. Umbraco8PeekabooProperties


Deploy Tools

Tools to compare Content and Media across Umbraco Deploy environments.


Dragonfly. Umbraco10. DeployTools

Should also work for Umbraco 11 & 12

Dragonfly. Umbraco9DeployTools


Full-Text Search

Lucene-based Full-text Search Indexing for Umbraco websites.


Dragonfly. UmbracoFullTextSearch

Schema Importer

A tool to quickly import a generated package.xml file into the back-office of an Umbraco site.


Dragonfly. Umbraco10. SchemaImporter

Dragonfly. Umbraco9. SchemaImporter

Use the back-office built-in "Packages" section for this functionality

Use the back-office built-in "Packages" section for this functionality

Site Auditor

A collection of tools to view and extract data about an Umbraco site.


Dragonfly. Umbraco10. SiteAuditor

Dragonfly. Umbraco9SiteAuditor

Dragonfly. Umbraco8SiteAuditor

Dragonfly. SiteAuditor

Site Tester

Tools to test pages in an Umbraco website by looping through all your Content nodes, attempting to "view" the page via HTTP, compiles a list of all test results for review.


Dragonfly. Umbraco10. SiteTester

Should also work with Umbraco 11 & 12


Dragonfly. Umbraco8SiteTester


Umbraco Forms Membership Tools

Umbraco Forms additions to work with Members


Dragonfly. Umbraco8FormsMembers


ASP.Net Packages

Package ASP.Net 8 ASP.Net 5 ASP.Net Framework

.Net Helpers & Models

A collection of .Net Helpers/Models

Dragonfly. Net8

Dragonfly. Net5

Dragonfly. Net

Active Campaign V3 Api


Dragonfly. ActiveCampaignV3Api